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After several years of studying and working in people development, Alex realised that becoming knowledgeable about something is not the same as growing skilful at something. To apply the information acquired is necessary real-life experience, meaning the totality of the cognitions given by perception; all that is perceived, understood and remembered. To become skilful is the ability to distinguish between what is essential, what helps and what is avail.


Curious about the complexity of this subject, Alex started studying human behaviours, questioning why people do what they do. Alex began to examine the mechanisms of actions and reactions, intention and resistance and the balance needed to manifest one's perspective, including feelings and emotional states. Alex initially connected its references to the natural sources of energies and then to the "dynamics" associated with them. He deduced that these "dynamics" were the sources that create the opportunities we seek to experience in our lifespan, conscious and unconscious.


During his research, Alex realised that the well-known "DNA" acronym resembles the initials of three essential features that generate human behaviour. And not only that, but the letters were also in the same sequence that, he believes, form the process of our actions and reactions. 

  • D for Dynamic (of a process/system; characterised by constant change, activity, or progress)*

  • N for Natural (following the nature of, or circumstances surrounding, someone or something, not artificial)*

  • A for Assessment (the act of creating an opinion, evaluating or analysing someone or something)*


From this point on, he just joined the dots and Eureka!

The Dynamic Natural Assessment programme started to create a "dynamic" of its own.


The Sciences

The Structure

Initially, his studies in Psychology helped Alex to create a more academic structure when writing the DNA programme. However, after researching over 12 years the many theories of human development, he could not ignore the importance of learning also more about the other Sciences, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and mathematics to support his understanding of this very complex subject. 

Humans & the Evolution of Being

The History

Another essential subject that influenced Alex designing the DNA programme was the history of humanity, geography and all its impact on the development of our communities, social, economics, technology and communication as the result of what we experienced and learnt from the past. Alex is now trying to evaluate how much humanity has gained from the past experiences and what they are doing with it or about it.

MIndfulness &
Other Perspectives

The Opportunities

Nowadays we all probably heart about Mindfulness, yoga, meditation and other many ways to get in touch with something that, for decades humanity labelled them as the esoteric and or exoteric.

Alex also studied and practice some of these arts and he believes it can be very useful if and when you understand them.


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Are you ready to see human evolution from a different perspective? 

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