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Alex understands that the complexity of this subject can be overwhelming to many people. Therefore he set all its applications within three phases.


  • Phase 1 - Understanding and accepting the present condition.


  • Phase 2 - Creating awareness of the states of change, and the processes necessaries for adaptation to the new situation.


  • Phase 3 - Managing actions to adjust to the different situations and conditions.


All three phases will work the understanding of our current dynamic processes and exercise the purpose of our actions (energies). To facilitate this process,  Alex uses the IGMEA flowchart; this is a useful tool that he created to recognise patterns of activities and to understand necessary steps to change behaviours. 


Alex believes this is the source of what is known as the "law of attraction", but he knows that only by acknowledging the existence of this law it does not help us to recognise what makes us manifest our intentions and attract positive opportunities. Therefore he proposes a set of mentoring and tutoring sessions to support the development of this work.


Alex considers consciousness the assimilation and comprehension of the processes of experiences, including the impact created by our choices and actions. It is the proficiency of using our energies (manifestations) in balance with the external influences (other energies) and our intentions.


The DNA programme aims to produce a personalised strategy plan for each person to understand their constant energy states, including emotional states, that we experience through day-to-day routines. The programme will support us to find out how we use the intention of our actions, and how we attract "positive" and "negative" results.

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