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“To be Natural is to become aware of our unique energies and be able to synchronise with other forces without losing our singularity.”

Alex Cenem

It is the complexity of whom we think we are and what and how we feel in the present moment (note that feelings are not the same as emotions). It is the awareness of body, mind and soul (soul is a description of the forces beyond body and mind and not a reference to any religion or faith). Natural is the growth and proficiency of the brain and its ability to do work. It is accepting responsibility for the impact of our being in the dimensions of life. It is the state of being unique.


"Knowledge will give you power, but character respect"

Bruce Lee

Alex believes that awareness is a state of conscience working unconsciousness. It is the mind doing its work through the reality of the one-self conflicting desires, expectations and fears generated by the memory, feelings and emotional states that have been created within and around us.


Learning to experience these activities help us to develop our self-perception of the Natural-self. The manifestation of the self-contribution creates preconceptions, impressions, judgements and involvement in the development of something else. This process is the dynamic of the interaction with other forces which include the experience of the different self with the other perceptions unkown.

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