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What is the Dynamic Natural Assessment programme©?

In science, "DNA" is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms, and it is described as the building block of life because it creates WHAT we are. Alex Cenem used the same basis to establish the Dynamic Natural Assessment programme©, or for short. the DNA programme.


Alex's methodology explains how we exercise the manifestation of our energies in creating opportunities, or not.

The programme is a combination of a range of studies and techniques learnt and practised throughout his, over fifty years of, personal and professional experiences. It works with three main determinant blocks; 


  • Dynamics - energy as the creation/maintenance/dissolution of thoughts and actions. 

  • The Natural states of experience, or how we individually experience being in the present space and time (self-awareness - interaction- other perception).

  • The skills of making accurate Assessments of the blocks associated with the Dynamics of life and the Natural states of being in the present (management/strategy/discipline).


After over ten years developing the DNA programme, Alex concluded that these three factors create WHO we are and HOW we experience time and space and, possibly, how it affects our ultimate ways of thinking, feeling and responding/acting. 


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